Sally coached me at a time in my life where everything to do with my career was in flux and up in the air. Sally guided me with my decisions and was instrumental in reframing my thoughts in a positive way, encouraging me to visualise what success looked like and challenging my thought process along the way.

Through both tangible actions as well as positive visualisation Sally helped me to both believe in myself, silence my inner critic and come up with a plan that works for me and my family. All our discussions were very enjoyable due to Sally’s extremely personable and positive nature. Most importantly, she was on ‘my side’ and I never felt judged by her.
— Claire, Project Manager (Londoner in the South West!)
I started sessions with Sally after a fortuitous meeting. I can honestly say that the sessions have helped to change my life in a hugely positive way. I had heard about life coaching but wasn’t sure it would be for me. I am very self-motivated and I thought coaching would be self-indulgent. I was wrong! I had been trying for some time to move my life forward in a different direction but would find myself exhausted and demotivated. The task seemed daunting. Thanks to Sally, I came to understand where my true passion lay. She also helped me to identify the steps that I needed to get there and instead of seeming insurmountable, the steps became within reach. I can honestly say that I am so much happier than I was and that my life has moved in a tremendously positive direction. I am moving abroad and pursuing my true passion! It truly is an investment in yourself.
— Farzana, Radiologist
The positive effect your work is having across the business is both brilliant and inspiring! I can directly attribute a 50%+ up lift in my allround wellness/happiness/life status to the work we have done together.... for those of you that read this and think “how can you define/measure a 50% improvement in something as abstract to measure as “life” then it can all be explained - I recommend you to get in touch with Sally
— Darren Ryemill, CEO Opus PSG
Sally is a powerhouse. There’s this extraordinary energy she brings to her coaching and combined with her complete belief in you as an individual and your dreams, Sally helps you to be the best version of yourself. Sally is a gift and her coaching is something that everyone needs to experience.
— Huda, Doctor and lover of martial arts, London
Sally has this ability to be in the moment you’re in, live and feel what you’re feeling but move you towards a whole new way of living and experiencing life and I will continue to recommend her.
— Stuart, Lawyer and author, London
Coaching with Sally has been about progressing my career, but more than that, it has helped me to see how all parts of my life are integrated and that I can have a fulfilling life. It takes work and an honest look at what I was putting up with. It’s been life changing, I don’t recognise the person I was when we started now. 
— Melissa, Lobbyist, New York
I worked with Sally for three months during what was an intense period of transition in my both my home and work life. At the outset I was unsure as to whether to opt for life coaching or psychotherapy – I do not regret my decision. Her support in negotiating specific events and relationships was always grounded by careful reference to my own values and life vision. With a firm focus on the future, Sally offered insightful analysis, concrete advice and tailored strategies. I particularly appreciated the surprising sense of ease and freedom that came with communicating over the phone. I left each session feeling refreshed, listened to and with a genuine sense of purpose.
— Kirsten, University Lecturer
Sally deploys her astonishing listening skills with compassion - she homes in on key issues (not necessarily the ones you came with) and offers brilliant techniques to help you tackle them. I knew coaching with Sally would be invaluable, but I didn’t anticipate such a profound shift in self-understanding, nor the powerful effect this would have on every aspect of my life. Sally offered access to new perspectives that were revelatory and transformative.
— Kirstie, Director, International Arts Charity
Sally’s coaching sessions are a game-changer. She is an incredibly supportive champion, helping you to tap into your innate strengths. The sessions provide a held and reflective space to mine for gold and Sally has a way of challenging and re-framing certain perspectives where you can almost feel the mind jolt into new discoveries! Sally’s positive energy is infectious and I notice how I always leave sessions with brightness in my eyes and clarity in my mind, armed with the next actionable steps. Sally is a gift and reminds me that anything is possible if we’re courageous enough to ask for it!
— Emily, Soprano, Edinburgh
I got the opportunity to work with Sally and was unsure what to expect. I can honestly say Sally was absolutely the greatest coach and support during a difficult period of my life both professionally and personally. From the very first consultation, I felt comfortable enough to completely open up to her. Sally provided me with the tools to alleviate myself of the stress and pressure I was putting on myself which had me stuck in a rut and helped guide me to make positive changes.

Apart from that, Sally has helped me so much so that over a year on I still feel the benefits of her coaching, the positivity she instills and ability to open your mind to see your full potential means I had the confidence to find my dream job and I’m incredibly grateful for all of her help. I thoroughly recommend Sally.
— LAUREN, VP, London
Thanks to Sally I was brave enough to take the leap into a new career and I have never been happier! She is an absolutely brilliant coach and the techniques she used were inspiring. Sally has a knack of knowing exactly what questions to ask and also used physical movement (where you walk/stand/turn) as part of her techniques; these were incredibly powerful and enabled me to much more clearly visualise my future because it unlocked my creative thinking. Sally is such a happy, positive and warm person and I owe my current job/life satisfaction and general happiness to her amazing life coaching!
— Laura, Edinburgh
My overall wellbeing has greatly improved since working with Sally. Presenting my ‘best self’ at work was a concern for me at the start of our work together, following an incredibly challenging period both at work and externally. As we progressed and I was able to look at the situation more objectively and also restore life/balance. I am coming to work in a much more positive mood and feel emboldened/empowered. Instead of avoiding difficult or sensitive conversations, I was able to tackle them with a new strategy and toolkit for success.
— Leo, London
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sally for career coaching. She was just the right mix of challenging and supportive to help me work my way through some problems. I wanted some help regarding my long term aims and plans for work, but we covered lots of other areas of my life as well. We worked by phone, but she was preceptive and sensitive of my emotions and reactions to what we were covering and it worked well, despite the distance. I found the whole exercise extremely useful as it helped me clarify my aims and objectives.
— Rachel
It was incredibly positive to talk on a regular basis. When I made the decision to start the coaching sessions I was in need of support, direction and an impartial voice who could approach the issues I was struggling with from a fresh and sometimes challenging perspective, and this is exactly what I received. Speaking with you felt like a very practical and proactive way of getting things done and allowed me to move away from procrastination and towards my own real world values and goals. This had a positive effect on my wellbeing because I felt like I was getting to understand myself and understand my core values. I felt refreshed and a sense of clarity; reassured in my own beliefs and my innate sense of what I really wanted to achieve.
— Anonymous