"The positive effect your work is having across the business is both brilliant and inspiring! I recommend you get in touch with Sally”

— Darren Ryemill, CEO Opus PSG

some of the areas
we focus on:

  • Identifying and owning your unique style of leadership

  • Overcoming the 'imposter syndrome'

  • How to effectively lead others

  • Managing the internal self-chatter that gets in your way

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Pitching your ideas

  • Defining and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Asking for help, finding your resources

  • Managing and recognising unhealthy stress


Executive Coaching

At the heart of every business are individuals, talented individuals who need support, development, fun and challenge to grow. They often need another perspective.

Sally and her team of experienced coaches, coach individuals and teams across the UK, Europe and the USA. All specialise in leadership, all are massively curious about people and the human potential.

Coaching is about personal development and growing leaders. It’s not therapy, sometimes it can feel therapeutic to talk about yourself, and that’s ok. We coach individuals to be the best leaders they can be, and that leadership will flow through your boardroom, your business and beyond.

Coaching typically starts with the CEO and the senior leadership team. Then we scope out a way to coach your people, the up and coming talent whose potential you want to challenge and grow or those that are struggling and need a bit more support. 

Whilst the focus of corporate coaching is career and the ongoing demands and changes within a company, ‘life’ is always present and can sometimes negatively impact our ability to lead and be fully present at work. Too often great leaders burnout and the organisation does not get to benefit from their full potential.

Our approach focuses on the whole person – home, career, relationships, money and personal growth – which experience shows grows confident, agile leaders who perform to an exceptional level and know how to lead others. It needs to be this way, you cannot shut off life and then come to work and be expected to perform at your best.

Coaching is about commitment and action, so each session comes with practical tools, techniques and exercises to practice so that learning lasts long after the coaches have left! 

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