A Few Questions Answered

What type of coach are you?

I’m an Executive Coach, a Life Coach, a Performance and Wellbeing Coach, a Mentor, a Champion, and a Challenger. Ultimately coaching with me is “Co-Active”, where my clients and I co-design the space in which we work so that it feels safe, honest, and challenging. A space where we lean in to the big questions, we give permission to all voices and all feelings, brainstorm and empower workable action with practical tools - so that you can start creating the life you want.

I trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), widely recognised as the best in the business and I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach which means I have over 1000+ hours of coaching experience.

What can clients expect?

Clients can expect a clearer perspective on their values and contribution, excitement in moving forward, improved focus and increased drive as well as a calm, peaceful presence.

If your inner voice is all too often saying “I feel stuck”, “there must be more to life than this”, or amongst other things “same old story” then drop me a line.

Why is it over the phone?

The best coaches coach over the phone. The sessions are focused, I bring my intuition and deep listening skills to the call so that I can hear what is and what isn’t being said. It’s also incredibly flexible, I can coach people in different time zones, in locations that are right for my clients, and it creates a safe and honest space. 

Do you have a coach?

Absolutely. For me there is huge professional value in learning from and experiencing how others coach and I am an active member of the International Coaching Federation. I also have big dreams and my coach, helps push, stretch and champion me when I need it. Be honest, your, spouse, mum, best friend, work colleague, may try but will not be able to ask you those unbiased questions, 100% listen to your answers and then challenge you to act – that’s where I come in!