The vulnerability hangover


The Vulnerability Hangover - A term borrowed from my friend Claire, who borrowed it from Brene Brown!

I’m trying a lot of new things at the moment, today included some filming around wellbeing in the workplace. My chimp was super active, ‘Sally there are people more qualified to talk about this than you, you won’t look good on camera, you don’t wear enough make up, you haven’t even got your own wellbeing sorted!

You know really helpful comments!

I am qualified, I’m a human being who cares about my wellbeing and those of others, I have coached hundreds of people who want to focus and invest on their wellbeing.

Then later that day, the vulnerability hangover hit me, you put yourself out there and afterwards it feels really uncomfortable. ‘Oh no, it’s on film, people will see it, I said nothing of any wasn’t perfect, the good stuff will all be edited out!’. And then my friend Claire reminded me of the vulnerability hangover, which kicks in right after you try something new or say something that others might not like. Well hangovers pass which is one good thing, and the other is that taking yourself into vulnerable places is where growth happens, the perfect moment is now, and authentic voices talking is what’s needed in the world.

So if you’re tempted to try something, and you’re worried about what people might think, or worse that you should wait until you’re an ‘expert’, do it, give it a go. And yes be prepared for a hangover (eat a doughnut on the train like I did) and then go again! Being a 5 or a 6 out of 10 is more than enough, you don’t need to wait until you’re a 10/10.

So that Brene Brown gets her proper credit, please watch this great Ted Talk!

sally powell