Ice baths and 4am meditation aren't for everyone

We are in an unprecedented place where women are being offered so much support to develop, to lead, to grow. And for men it’s often difficult to know where to go if you are stuck or need a fresh, unbiased, perspective. A space where you can say what’s really going on, where you are not in danger of saying the wrong thing and where you are championed.

Ice baths and 4am meditation aren’t for everyone, deep searching for skeletons in the closet isn’t always the answer!

These are often the two extremes of personal development, and I wanted to create a new space, a space between therapy and elite performance coaching, a space for men to reflect on what they need and want next - with tools and techniques to make it happen.

I want things to be different for my boys as they get older, that seeking out support/help/coaching will be as common as getting your car serviced. I have experienced the impact of burnout on those close to me, and seen the beauty when people invest in themselves. When they don’t wait any longer, and see that they are worth it.

So this is one for the men, for you, for the men in your life. Invest in yourself, seek out a space for you. A space which is supportive and challenging, a space where you can hear your own voice and what’s important to you, a space which will get you unstuck and benefit you and your relationships at work and home. A champion so that you can champion yourself.

Invest in yourself here - Coaching for Men

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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