Space, cinnamon and the tiger


I ditched the idea of resolutions a few years ago, such a formal word ‘resolution’ worthy of the UN, but not really my life! Mine were always the same ones around exercise and saving and never resonated long enough to last into February.

I meet very few people who get excited by setting resolutions, but the idea of theming the year seems to light a spark, resulting in amazing conversations. It’s a way to consciously start the new year, from which to build ideas, goals and aspirations.

Last year for many felt relentless, particularly the frenzy up to Christmas. There was a sigh of relief when finally the out-of-office could be set and holidays began. And now it’s a new year, everyone’s telling you to start an exercise regime, sort out your diet, do better!

Well this is also a good time to reflect - what worked last year, what did you love, when were you at your best and what lessons were hard to swallow. What would you like to take from 2018 with you into 2019, and what would you like to ditch?

Much like the Chinese tradition that gives names to each year, why not choose a name for the new year. Use images, symbols or ideas to name the coming year.  What image will allow you to step more fully into what you want to be and do? In the last few weeks my coaching clients have talked about 2019 being the year of progression; blue; the year of the tiger; year of space; cinnamon; spreading my wings; abundance; living!

Amazingly varied.

It only matters what it means to you...find a name that stretches you and feels good. Feel free to share your theme in the comments, it may inspire others to do the same, to take a new approach. 

At this time of year I offer a stepping into the new year call, a focused and refreshing 90 minutes, to help you get clarity on what your 2019 is going to be, what you are consciously choosing and the goals that will help you on your way. Whether you are new to coaching or you have coached with me before, get in touch and we’ll set up a call.

Happy 2019 x

sally powell