A Snapshot of Your Life

The ‘Wheel of Life’ is a tool that allows you to take a visual 'snapshot' of your life as it is today, loved by coaches for its simplicity, giving clients a moment to literally take a snapshot of what they see today and what they might want to start to change in their life!

Assign a rating from one to ten for each of these areas. A score of one indicates that you’re thoroughly unsatisfied in this area and a score of ten indicates that this part of your life is amazing. I often describe five as an uninspired “ British fine” or “average”. Do not overthink this! Approach this exercise from a very neutral place and accept life exactly as it is today.

Then ask yourself a few questions:

What do I like about my wheel?

What is disappointing?

What was surprising?

Which area of my life do I want to see the greatest change? 

What would it be like to score a 10 in health (for example)?

If your health is at a 6 today, what number would you like it to be, and what small step could you make in that direction. I always talk with clients about the doing and the being, how do you want to feel in that area is just as important, probably more so, than what you want to be doing. 

A simple tool to start, to take this to the next level, please get in touch.

sally powell