I often ask clients to score how satisfied they are with their personal growth. For some personal growth relates strongly to career, for others it is everything outside of career. And then there are a few who have no idea what personal growth means or think it ends when they leave university.

How do we grow? From the inside out. Cultivating interests and hobbies, developing new habits, leaning into passions.

And from the outside in. With the support of others, mentors, coaches, family and friends, teachers. We are drawn to work and create with others. 

Where would you like to see more growth? If growth is over a lifetime, then how about starting with a beginners mind and trying something new, and take the pressure off that you're an adult and you should already know how to do it.

The ability to grow and learn is not fixed, it require's a growth mindset and lots of passion, staying power, messing up, recovering and trying again! 

For some inspiration I recommend reading - Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Lee Duckworth or start with the Grit Ted Talk and here are a range of other Ted Talks on Personal Growth to inspire you.


sally powell