Could it really be that simple

We make out that it's so difficult, that we don't have time, it's not the right time. We make hundreds of choices everyday and yet some of the most important things in our life we shy away from, often keeping our head firmly buried in the sand, hoping it will all go away.

What about making a different choice?

Choose not only the type of coffee you want to drink but also what you want to do with your life, what type of parent you want to be, what type of colleague you want to be......and then choose to be it........and when (if) you muck it up, recover and try again.

We are all making this up as we go, doing the best we can, there are moments when we are soaring, and then moments when we feel like we are stuck in the weeds. And that's ok, we just have to choose and take another step.

Just a thought.......we get one go at this life thing. 

nathan-dumlao-298337 (1).jpg

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

sally powell