About Sally


Quite simply, I’m wildly curious...

Sally has over eighteen years’ experience working for
FTSE 100s, leading and coaching teams in the areas of economic and political risk, corporate and brand reputation and leadership. Sally has lived and worked in London, New York, and Boston, travelled extensively, is raising a family, has worked her way up the corporate ladder and loves great coffee. She trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) which is widely recognised as the most rigorous coach training programme in the industry, has over 1000+ hours of coaching experience and is a graduate of CTI’s unique Leadership program.

I was brave enough to take off the job title label, and explore what really makes me tick.

Quite simply I’m wildly curious, I love asking people questions, hearing, and seeing what makes people come alive, what energises them, what frustrates them. I love motivational speakers and the bestsellers which tell you how you can simplify/beautify/change/make greater your life. And I am acutely aware that without a champion, an unbiased third party, a Coach - it is incredibly difficult to stay motivated, to be honest with yourself and to make lasting change. 

All my clients come to me through word of mouth, all are successful, ambitious individuals, some balancing a family life as well as work and all are hungry for meaningful change. 


Some of the organisations
Sally has worked for: